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Free class on physical healing & deliverance


Jesus is passionate about seeing people healed and whole in every way. We share this passion and want to partner with God to see people live well. In these training workshops, you will receive a foundation for God’s desire to heal as well as training in how you, too, can be used by God to deliver healing to those around you.


  • The Biblical basis for ministering physical healing.
  • The 5 Step Model for healing as used by Global Awakening.
  • How to receive and give Words of Knowledge for physical healing.
  • Ministry team protocol.
  • The Biblical Basis for ministering Deliverance.
  • The 10 Step Model for Deliverance as used by Global Awakening.
  • How to occupy your own spiritual house that God has given you so that you can freely help others to occupy theirs.
  • How to minister spiritual freedom in love and compassion in your own life, family, workplace, place of worship.


Physical Healing:

Biblical Basis for Healing

5-Step Prayer Model

Words of Knowledge

Scriptures & Decrees


Inner Healing:


**Each topic includes a video training plus detailed notes (printable).


Interactive lesson plan for teaching your kids about a God who wants to heal and how they too can see the sick made well through the Spirit of God inside of them.

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