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The Day of the Saints

Equipping Believers for Their Revolutionary Role in the Body of Christ and in Society!


The purpose of this course is to help each individual saint realize their God-ordained ministry role in the earth as it pertains to what will be the next major event of God’s restoration move, The Day of the Saints.

We will study how God’s intent from the beginning was to raise up an army of saints who would possess the kingdom and how God has restored each aspect of the five-fold ministry in order to fully equip the saints for the work of the ministry. We will discuss how God’s restoration processes have been at work over the past five hundred years to make preparation for one of the greatest movements the church has ever known, the Saints Movement.

We are preparing to see God’s Kingdom come in a revolutionary way as each saint begins to move in supernatural signs and wonders and demonstration power, not just within the four walls of the church buildings, but out in marketplace ministry.

This course will not only teach, but activate each student to begin to move in God’s power and gifting.

About Your Teachers

Bishop Bill Hamon is the founder of Christian International Ministries Network. Dr. Hamon has authored several books about the apostolic and prophetic. He travels throughout the world with a message calling believers to arise and fulfill their membership ministry and build the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Tom Hamon is the teacher for these sessions. He and his wife, Apostle Jane, are the senior pastors of Vision Church @ Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Apostle Tom travels nationally and internationally, helping others as they establish their ministries and ministering God’s direction to the Body of Christ.


In 9 focused sections

I. We were called to be Saints

II. God’s spritual progression process

III. The first century saints movement

IV. The seven-fold anointing of Christian International Ministries

V. Competing philisophies and worldviews

VI. Understanding God’s restoration process

VII. A brief history of church restoration

VIII. Equipping the saints

IV. Saints as kings and priests

X. Restoring our vessel

XI. Activating the saints

XII. The calling and ministry of the saints

XIII. Having a Kingdom focus mentality

frequently asked questions
What is included with this course?

This course includes over 9 hours of video teaching. You will also receive PDF viewing access to a detailed student manual.

When does this course start and finish?

Once enrolled, you are free to work through this course at your own pace. This allows you to work through the contents in your own schedule.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access as long as the course remains available in our school.

How do I access the course?
This course is entirely online, so you can access it by logging in anywhere you have internet connection. This includes supporting mobile devices.
Will I have homework with this course?

Any included assignments are optional for self-study students and are purely for your own growth. They are not submitted or graded.


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