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Be a part of the solution and join the fight against systemic poverty.


Poverty was never God’s plan. As believers, we are called to help the poor participating effectively in the eradication of systemic poverty.

As societal architects, we are looking for solutions that work. Solutions based on a Christian worldview and in bible principles. In this course, we will learn the moral, biblical, and economic foundation to help those trapped in poverty. We will discuss the importance of the role of charity (which does help), justice, and human development.

The question is, how can we effectively eliminate poverty? Through this course, your eyes will open to see what works and what does not work in the attempts many have made in the fight against poverty. In this course, you will learn how to help eradicate poverty with effective long-term results.

This course will inspire you and give you clear direction for you to become a part of the solution. We will learn how the gifts and destiny of every individual enable them to operate in their calling with the goal of serving and contributing to society.

Man, with the right education, financial help, and trade connections can come from a place of being helped to becoming a producer, from existing to living, from seeking a job to creating jobs. We will learn that nature and human creativity is their ability to come out of poverty.

In this course, we count with the collaboration of The Acton Institute, The Institute of Faith, Works, and Economics, Dr. Art Lindsley, Dr. Ismael Hdez. and Drs. de Maa.

Receive the divine blueprints that will help you be a part of the solution to eradicate poverty in remote communities as well as those that are near.

“Dignity.” That word jumped into my heart. I grew up in a country where social status (discrimination) is very strong, so you don’t mingle with the “poor.” When I became a Christian that started to change. I couldn’t believe I was the same person because I even got baptized with my son in a Church in a very poor and humble area of Bogotá. All of these lectures are changing the way I see the poor now. Creative human beings, who have the same hopes and dreams as I do. God is changing all this through His love encouraging me to understand more that we are all alike in His eyes, made at His image and likeness.” 


“What a wonderful course! I know this will be extremely helpful with our work in Nicaragua.” 


“Thank you for opening my eyes to a better way, and even to be more responsible where and how to help.”


“Wow! These videos are truly amazing. What a paradigm shift in my thinking and understanding. Great ground work by Kees-Jan to help us understand poverty and the poor!”


About Your Teachers

Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa are dedicated to inspiring and equipping others so they can do what inspires them. They believe that every human being was created with a purpose, unique gifts and talents that are necessary contributions to our world. As we collaborate with others, together we can discover, design, shape and implement the designs that will help the different cultures flourish.


Supportive Course Materials from:
Acton Institute – The Mission of the Acton Institute is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles.

Supportive Course Materials from:
Dr. Ismael Hernandez – Founder of the Freedom & Virtue Institute.


In 7 focused sections broken down into digestable segments

I. Biblical Perspective on the Poor

II. Compassion and the Poor

III. Human Potential

IV. The Creation of Wealth

V. The Power of Local Business

VI. Economic Principles

VII. The Role in the Church in the Allieviation of Poverty


frequently asked questions
What is included with this course?

This course includes over 10 hours of video teaching that is broken down into 7 focused sections. You will also receive PDF viewing access to a detailed student manual.

When does this course start and finish?

Once enrolled, you are free to work through this course at your own pace. This allows you to work through the contents in your own schedule.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access as long as the course remains available in our school.

How do I access the course?
This course is entirely online, so you can access it by logging in anywhere you have internet connection. This includes supporting mobile devices.
Will I have homework with this course?

Any included assignments are optional for self-study students and are purely for your own growth. They are not submitted or graded.


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