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Mini Courses

Shorter, but life-changing mini courses starting at just $19.

Validation Quotient

Discover the attributes that unleash personal leadership value, generate it in others, and positively transform culture.


Powerful: Life Without Fear

This course will help you to not only recognize where fear is operating in your life, but also give you practical principles and applications so that you can take back your power over fear.


Debunking Fear

Walking in freedom from fear so that you can live courageously and confidently.


*This course is included in the Powerful: Life Without Fear course

God of Justice

Learn how to receive God’s justice in your own life and become an instrument of justice in the lives of others.


What Was I Thinking?

This training will help you to not only understand your mind-world better, but give you the tools and the power to make a conscious decision to improve your life and environment.


*This course is included in the Powerful: Life Without Fear course

Women in Leadership

In this empowering and provoking teaching, we invite both men and women to explore the role of women in the church, in culture, in marriage, and as powerful and necessary leaders in today’s society.

Discovering Personal Purpose

A segment from the “Higher Living Leadership” training that will help you to discover your personal purpose.


Healing is for You

Jesus is passionate about seeing people healed and whole in every way. This course lays a foundation for God’s desire to heal as well as training in how you, too, can be used by God to deliver healing to those around you.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

A Giving Light Discipleship Course that will help you to understand the Biblical foundation for this powerful baptism and the benefits of speaking in tongues.

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