Restoration & Personal Freedom

This course will help you understand that the redemptive work of Jesus has the power to restore the believer in all areas of their life.



The Restoration and Personal Freedom course will help you understand that the redemptive work of Jesus has the power to restore the believer in all areas of their life.

These lessons will show you how the spiritual life influences people, and how the enemy tries to keep them bound to things God does not want by damaging the design of the Creator and limiting the divine potential in their lives. These classes will help you recognize patterns of strongholds and groups of demonic influences, learn how to break them, to remain free and to enjoy a life of freedom. You will see results in your own life and in your future generations.

Jesus offers complete restoration. This material will help you understand the principles of inner healing and deliverance, will minister to your personal life, and will serve you to help others.


I have been involved in ministering healing to others for over 20 years. The Greek word for salvation (sozo) translated indicates much more than perhaps we have understood. It encompasses not only forgiveness, justification and righteousness, but also deliverance as well as healing and prosperity. Nevertheless, how many are experiencing the fullness of the abundant life Jesus suffered and died for? Restoration and Personal Freedom, I believe, will release keys not only personally, as well as for ministry to others.

This course has exceeded my expectations! Dr. Candy shares fresh insight in several areas of which I was unaware. Restoration and Personal Freedom is for the freshly saved as well as those who have walked with the Lord for decades. “Healing and deliverance” she declares, “are signs of the Kingdom.” She lays an excellent foundation Biblically as well as from her personal experience. Even though she does deal heavily with deliverance, Dr. Candy indicates, “Deliverance is not enough; it takes determination of the heart.” I would highly recommend this course for every Believer—especially those who are in any type of ministry to others!

Loretta Kohr

We are learning so much from all the teachings! It is such a blessing to be able to study online. Many new revelations have come to us and we are very happy to finally learn many of these principles. Thank you, Candy, for making things practical!

Mark Harry

This is all new to me and I am really thankful to learn all this. It is so good to be set free but also to help other people be set free. Knowing how the powers of darkness operate and knowing the authority we as believers have in the name of Jesus is very encouraging… It is all through the grace of God and who lives inside of us. Thank you for these teachings. We both cannot wait to walk in greater freedom. It is so encouraging to know that whatever you struggle with you can be set free from.

Mark and Vivian

I just watched it and it was very informative as always! Thank you for your prayer and declarations, I agree in all of them! I will practice the deliverance steps with my kids. It has been a beautiful process for me…

Nancy Librera



Dr. Candy de Maa

Dr. Candy de Maa

Dr. Candy de Maa is an ordained minister by Christian International under the leadership of Prophet Sharon Stone and Prophet Bill Hamon. Candy together with her husband Kees-Jan, have been Pastors for many years, Teachers in Seminars like Christ for the Nations, Directors of Television and Radio Stations. They served Mike and Cindy Jacobs and helped them start their International TV Ministry. Kees-Jan and Candy are now devoted entirely to ministering in the nations, and raising up Societal Architects through the University for Societal Architecture.

Candy de Maa teaches the Word of God with clarity and practical application. She also ministers in prophecy, healing, miracles, deliverance and inner healing. Her heart is to equip God’s people to fulfill their purpose on this earth. The name of the Ministry “Fulfilling Destiny” reflects this vision and passion.

Candy and her husband have two children; Jonathan and Melody Joyce. They live in Florida, United States.



01 Introduction

02 The Restoration of the Believer

03 The Process of Restoration

04 The Importance of Being Determined

04.1 Different Types of Counseling


05 What are Demons?

05.1 The Heart of God Towards People in Need by Carlos Anacondia

06 Position of Demons Before the Believers Part 1

07 Position of Demons Before the Believers Part 2

08 Influences of Demons in a Person

09 There are Different Levels of Demonic Influence

10 What is a Deliverance

11 Deliverance in Public

12 Deliverance in Mass

13 Deliverance in Private

14 How Do You Know If a Person is Under Demonic Influence?

15 Can a Christian Have Demons? Part 1

16 Can a Christian Have Demons Part 2

17 Should We Practice Deliverance in Someone Who is Not a Christian?

18 How Do Demons Come In? Part 1

19 How Do Demons Come In? Part 2

20 How Do Demons Come In? Part 3

21 How Do Demons Come In? Part 4

22 When Do Demons Come Out?

23 Principles and Steps for Deliverance

23.1 The Importance of Renouncing by Pablo Bottari

24 How Do Demons Come Out?

25 Precautions After the Deliverance

26 Hindrances for Demons to Leave Part 1

27 Hindrances for Demons to Leave Part 2

28 Hindrances for Demons to Leave Part 3

Groups of Demons

29 Generational Spirits

30 Sexual Spirits Part 1

31 Sexual Spirits Part 2

31.1 Life of Purity by Jonathan Welton

32 World of Darkness Escapes

33 Rejection, Self-Rejection and Fear of Rejection

34 Rejection of Others, Bitterness, Objects, Places

35 Abuse to Culture / Country

36 Diseased

Preparation for Those who Conduct the Deliverance

37 What Characteristics Should a Person Have in Order to Conduct a Deliverance? Part 1

38 What Characteristics Should a Person Have in Order to Conduct a Deliverance? Part 2

39 What Gifts are Needed to Operate During a Deliverance?

40 Who Leads the Deliverance? Speaking with Demons

How Should a Deliverance be Done?

41 How Should a Deliverance be Done?

42 Prepare a Person for the Deliverance

43 Start the Deliverance

43.1 The Demonic Influence that Binds People so They do not Believe

Internal Healing

44 Internal Healing

45 Christians Can Have Consequences from the Past

46 When Jesus Ministers to the Person

47 The Key to Inner Healing – Forgiveness

Ministerial Ethics and Counseling

48 Ministerial Ethics and Counseling


49 Self-Deliverance Part 1

50 Self-Deliverance Part 2

51 Ministry Session with Dr. Candy de Maa

Optional Student Assignments



Each group will need a designated leader who will facilitate how the course will work within your group. This is the person who will be the main point of contact for all group members. This is also the person who should register the group and handle payments.

IMPORTANT: The group leader MUST send a list of all group members to promptly following registration. This list MUST include all member’s (including leader’s) full name and email address. This list will determine group member access.


Each group member will need to create a student login before they are given access to the course materials. The group leader will be given these instructions to distribute to all group members. You can also create a student login right here by clicking the button below. Once your student login is created, you will be provided with access to course materials. (Access will be given within ITC office hours Mon. – Thurs.)

It is important to note that group member access is only given to those submitted by the group leader as group members.


No problem. If you’ve got more than 10 people in your group, contact us ( FIRST (before registering) with the exact number of group members that you have. Include each member’s name and email address. We will send you (group leader) a customized rate for your particular group size. Additional members are added for $50 each.

Note: Discounts are not offered for groups less than 10. Bottom line group pricing is $500.


Each group course registration costs $500.00 (USD) which provides full course access for the group leader plus 9 others. The course will be accessible for all members (both personally and in a group setting) for 6 months from the time of registration.

You can handle student costs however you choose. Here are some options that you might consider:

  1. Divide the cost by all members and charge each student accordingly. For example, if you have 10 students, charge each $50. $50 x 10 = your $500 group cost. Likewise, if you only have 8 students, charge each $62.50.
  2. Charge above course cost and earn a small profit from each student.
  3. If you are an organization that already charges students for schooling, work this cost into your enrollment/registration fees and purchase the group course as an organization (avoids having to collect a separate fee).
  4. If you are an organization, consider paying a portion of course costs and only charging individuals the remaining portion. For example: for a group of 10, the organization pays $250 and each member pays $25.
  5. Foot the bill yourself and do not charge members.


If you’re looking to earn credit units for this course, you will need to register separate from a group. While the teaching material is the same, credit student courses include required assignments, research paper, exam, etc.

You are still welcome to meet with a group for the group experience, however, you will not register with your group, but through the individual course registration below.


Group course registrations include individual access logins for 10 people. This means that each group member can access the full course from home (or anywhere with internet access for that matter). As the group leader, you can decide how your group will best learn together.

Here are some of our ideas:

  1. You may choose to have all group members study designated portions at home and then periodically meet to review and discuss the material.
  2. You can all join in one place and view the teaching together at the same time.
  3. Do a combination of both home-study and group-study. Watch portions of the teaching together and assign other portions to be viewed individually at home.
  4. Add assignments, discussion questions, reading, etc. The group course will come with a recommended book for this course along with a few activation assignments. The leader can choose how they will (or will not) incorporate additional assignments or activations for the group study.


The group course materials can be accessed by any group member anywhere where there is internet connection (including phones or tablets).

If you are watching/listening to the material together as a group, choose a location with a large enough screen so that all can see. You will also want a location with strong internet connection/speed to avoid streaming interruptions.

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