Discovering Personal Purpose

A segment from the "Higher Living Leadership" training that will help you to discover your personal purpose.


Personal purpose is foundational to your vision and your mission. It takes you from a life of success to a life of significance and helps you position yourself to release your greatest self.

Learn the dynamics of discovering your personal purpose and how you can put language and expression to the distinct uniqueness within you!

*Note: Discovering Personal Purpose is a segment from the full Higher Living Leadershiptraining course. To purchase the full training: CLICK HERE



What you’ll learn through this course


Learn the importance of purpose.


Discover how our experiences have the ability to shape our purpose, passion, and values.


Find the benefits that can be gained when identity is released.


Learn how to form your very own personal purpose statement that empowers you to articulate your core values so that you can decide where and how to focus your time and energy for maximum results.

Dr. Melodye Hilton

Dr. Melodye Hilton

Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Melodye Hilton works with individuals as well as workgroups around the globe as a Leadership Consultant, Behavioral Analyst and Personal Coach. Through years of leadership experience and consulting she has developed a unique and personal approach to creating a positive, sustainable impact within her spheres of influence. Learn more at


Frequently asked questions

What's included with this training?

This training includes approximately one hour of video teaching broken down into short, digestible segments. You will also receive viewing and printing access to the corresponding notes as well as a worksheet for forming your personal purpose statement.

How long do I have access to the course?

Your access to this material is by a paid annual subscription (1 year). As long as you are subscribed, you can access the content for as long as it is available and can do so on any device where you can get internet access.

Can I earn credit hours for this course?

This training is not available for credit hours at this time. But that doesn’t mean the content won’t change your life! 🙂

Who has access to the materials?

This training is available for individual and group subscriptions. Individual subscriptions allow one person to access the materials. Group subscriptions allow the subscriber to show the video sessions in a group setting.



For personal growth!


per year

1 hour of video teaching

For individual use

Includes printable to help you form your personal purpose statement.


For teaching others!


per year

1 hour of video content

Allows the subscriber to show the teaching in a group setting.

Includes printable to help your group form their personal purpose statements.

*Subscriptions will renew automatically and can be cancelled at any time.

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