This course is charged with principles based on biblical foundations and practical applications on how to build your family in a healthy way!



Would you like to experience a culture of grace and honor in your family? This course will teach you how!

Join this class and discover how to create a family atmosphere full of the Spirit of God. You will learn how to interact with other members in your family, how to resolve conflicts and how to live happily together. The classes are charged with principles based on biblical foundations and practical applications on how to build your family in a healthy way!

This course explains, in a practical way, how to live the culture of the Kingdom at home. It teaches how to maintain love, honor, and respect in the home. You will learn how to communicate, have good relationships among the members of the family, and know how to resolve conflicts that may occur.

These classes will help you see each member of the family as God sees them in order to help them develop their full potential. It’s in the home where the identity of each family member is developed and people grow. With God’s help we can develop strong families and establish a good legacy for future generations.

Let’s invest time, quality, and purpose in our families!



Drs. Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa

Drs. Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa


Drs. Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa are dedicated to inspiring and equipping others so they can do what inspires them. They believe each person has a unique purpose in life, that can and must be discovered so they can develop their potential and raise to their highest and best contribution in this world.

They have been married for 30 years and have 2 children, Jonathan, who married Mitzi, and Melody Joyce who serve the Lord in their calling. Kees-Jan and Candy served as pastors, supervisors and teachers in different Bible Schools, started the first Christian TV Network in the Canary islands, Spain, developed an itinerant Ministry called Fulfilling Destiny Ministry and minister internationally as an apostolic & prophetic team. They provide apostolic covering through their International Network of Alignment. Both are members of the apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders led by Cindy Jacobs.

Kees-Jan runs a multimedia company that provides advice, consulting and multimedia productions.

They have created complete seminars and hundreds of hours of online teaching and training material for the equipping of the believer in his/her vocational call of God.

In 2015 Kees-Jan, Candy and their dedicated team launched the University for Societal Architecture with the mission to inspire, equip and connect societal architects who have a passion to raise to their highest and best contribution in the place where they have been called in this world.


01 The Family: The Nucleus of the Kingdom and Society

01-01 Introduction: The Family

01-02 The Concept of Family

01-03 The Law of Marriage: Two Shall Become One

01-04a The Family is the Core of the Kingdom for its Multiplication Characteristics

01-04b The Importannce of the Influence

01-04c Children Imitate

02 Culture of Honor and Grace in the Family

02-01 Culture of Grace and Honor in the Family

02-02 Let’s Operate in the Spirit of Christ: Culture of Grace

02-03 We Believe in an Atmosphere of Love

02-04 We Need to be Inspirational

02-05 Let’s Help Others to Work and Reach Their Potential: Culture of Grace

02-06 We Need to Help Others: Culture of Honor

02-07 We Need to Protect Our Relationships: Culture of Honor

02-08 The Institution of Marriage Part 2 by Rick Warren

03 The Contrast Between the Culture of Love and the Regimen of Fear

03-01a The Contrast Between the Culture of Love and the Regime of Fear Part 1

03-01b The Contrast Between the Culture of Love and the Regime of Fear Part 2

03-02 Let’s Promote God as the Center of Our Lives

03-03 Let’s Create an Environment of Love and Not Fear

03-04 Results of the Culture of Love in Contrast with the Regime of Fear

04 Building Strong Persons in Our Families

04-01 Building Strong People in the Family

04-02 How Do We Build Strong People?

04-03 Absent Parents, Empty Children Part 1 by Dr. Jesus Amaya

04-04 Absent Parents, Empty Children Part 2 by Dr. Jesus Amaya

04-05 The Key to Success Grit by Angela Lee Duckworth

05 Communication

05-01 Communication Introduction

05-02 What is Communication?

05-03 Why is Communication Important?

05-04 Expressing What We Feel

05-05 The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

06 How to Solve Conflicts

06-01 How to Resolve Conflicts Introduction

06-02 Why Do Conflicts Arise?

06-03 Consequences for Not Solving Problems Adequately

06-04a How to Resolve Conflicts Part 1

06-04b Identify the Cause of the Conflict Part 2

06-05 Learn How to Fight for Your Marriage Part 2 by Rick & Kay Warren

06-06 Understanding Teenagers by Dr. Lucas Leys

06-07 Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

07 The Administration of Finances

07-01 The Administration of Finances

07-02a Basic Principles About Finance

07-02b We Must Learn to Live with Contentment

07-03 Practical Financial Principles Part 1

07-04 Practical Financial Principles Part 2

07-05 How to Build a Strong Financial Foundation by Rick Warren

08-1 The Intimacy of the Couple Part 1 (This Section is for MEN Only)

08-01a Aging Together (100 Years)

08-01b Introduction

08-01c Warning! Women Work with Many Windows Open at Once

08-01d She Needs to Feel Secure

08-01e To Listen is the Solution!

08-01f SEX: Her “No” Does Not Mean No to You Part 1

08-01g SEX: Her “No” Does Not Mean No to You Part 2

08-01h The Girl Who Looks in the Mirror

08-02 The Intimacy of the Couple Part 2 (This Section is for WOMEN Only)

08-02a Aging Together (100 Years)

08-02b Seven Things that Husbands Would Like Their Wives to Know About Them

08-02c Men Prefer to Feel Respected than Loved

08-02d Men Suffer from Insecurity Inside

08-02e Men Constantly Have the Emotional Burden of Providing for Their Family

08-02f Most Husbands Want More Sex

08-02g Men Like to Be Romantic

08-02h Men Care About the Appearance of Their Wives

08-02i The Vast Majority of Husbands Would Like Their Wives to Know that They Love Them so Much

09 The Divine Purpose for the Family

09-02 The Generational Blessing Part 1

09-02 The Generational Blessing Part 2

09-03 The Generational Blessing Part 3

Optional Student Assignments



Each group will need a designated leader who will facilitate how the course will work within your group. This is the person who will be the main point of contact for all group members. This is also the person who should register the group and handle payments.

IMPORTANT: The group leader MUST send a list of all group members to promptly following registration. This list MUST include all member’s (including leader’s) full name and email address. This list will determine group member access.


Each group member will need to create a student login before they are given access to the course materials. The group leader will be given these instructions to distribute to all group members. You can also create a student login right here by clicking the button below. Once your student login is created, you will be provided with access to course materials. (Access will be given within ITC office hours Mon. – Thurs.)

It is important to note that group member access is only given to those submitted by the group leader as group members.


No problem. If you’ve got more than 10 people in your group, contact us ( FIRST (before registering) with the exact number of group members that you have. Include each member’s name and email address. We will send you (group leader) a customized rate for your particular group size. Additional members are added for $50 each.

Note: Discounts are not offered for groups less than 10. Bottom line group pricing is $500.


Each group course registration costs $500.00 (USD) which provides full course access for the group leader plus 9 others. The course will be accessible for all members (both personally and in a group setting) for 6 months from the time of registration.

You can handle student costs however you choose. Here are some options that you might consider:

  1. Divide the cost by all members and charge each student accordingly. For example, if you have 10 students, charge each $50. $50 x 10 = your $500 group cost. Likewise, if you only have 8 students, charge each $62.50.
  2. Charge above course cost and earn a small profit from each student.
  3. If you are an organization that already charges students for schooling, work this cost into your enrollment/registration fees and purchase the group course as an organization (avoids having to collect a separate fee).
  4. If you are an organization, consider paying a portion of course costs and only charging individuals the remaining portion. For example: for a group of 10, the organization pays $250 and each member pays $25.
  5. Foot the bill yourself and do not charge members.


If you’re looking to earn credit units for this course, you will need to register separate from a group. While the teaching material is the same, credit student courses include required assignments, research paper, exam, etc.

You are still welcome to meet with a group for the group experience, however, you will not register with your group, but through the individual course registration below.


Group course registrations include individual access logins for 10 people. This means that each group member can access the full course from home (or anywhere with internet access for that matter). As the group leader, you can decide how your group will best learn together.

Here are some of our ideas:

  1. You may choose to have all group members study designated portions at home and then periodically meet to review and discuss the material.
  2. You can all join in one place and view the teaching together at the same time.
  3. Do a combination of both home-study and group-study. Watch portions of the teaching together and assign other portions to be viewed individually at home.
  4. Add assignments, discussion questions, reading, etc. The group course will come with a recommended book for this course along with a few activation assignments. The leader can choose how they will (or will not) incorporate additional assignments or activations for the group study.


The group course materials can be accessed by any group member anywhere where there is internet connection (including phones or tablets).

If you are watching/listening to the material together as a group, choose a location with a large enough screen so that all can see. You will also want a location with strong internet connection/speed to avoid streaming interruptions.

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