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A person’s values are their invisible motivators. They are the reason behind what we do. When values are shared, hearts and purposes connect which creates an atmosphere that generates acceptance, ownership, partnership, and fulfillment. As you read through the core values of International Training Center … Read More.


International Training Center was established in 2002 with the mission of empowering leaders for platforms of influence. Our purpose is to raise up mature and valuable leaders to impact their world for good. Our environment is one that is conducive for personal growth and advancement in community … Read More.


The International Training Center is an accredited school for leaders and emerging leaders. Our school offers focused leadership training through both resident and non-resident options. These different levels of training provide individuals with the flexibility to choose between the intense … Read More.


In-depth and all-inclusive leadership training

Our Resident Program is so much more than simply students who live on campus. This is the most in-depth and all-inclusive leadership training that we offer. Resident students have a detailed daily schedule comprised of classes, trainings, academic study, community involvement, hands-on service, and more. A resident student’s day is designed to give them vast and varied opportunities to receive leadership training, knowledge, tools, skills, and experience. This program is for those who are dedicated to cultivating their leadership aptitude as well as deepening their personal relationship with Jesus. Our goal is to be a growth-focused and consecrated environment where emerging leaders are empowered to take what they receive and use it as a catalyst to be a righteous influence and to lead with character, vision, purpose, and justice.

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Empowering leaders of all ages and spheres of influence

ITC offers accredited leadership training with the goal of equipping, building, and empowering leaders of all ages and spheres of influence.

With a variety of training options our hope is that any leader—established or emerging—would take these opportunities to ignite their passion, grow their ability, and unleash their potential to be a quality impact in their spheres of influence. Through interactive classroom courses, independent study opportunities, and fast-track Leadership Intensives, our Non-Resident options allow for individuals to receive leadership training at a customized pace. All ITC accredited courses and Leadership Intensives are available to be taken audit (not for credit) or for credit towards a degree in Biblical Leadership.

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Earn credits from home with our growing independent study options

Behavioral Analysis Certification

Earn college credits PLUS your certification in behavioral analysis with this in-depth study of personality, values, and team placement through The Institute of Motivational Living. Learn More.


The Song of Songs

Earn credit units towards a degree in Biblical Leadership through this self-study course on The Song of Solomon. 24 sessions of life-changing teaching and in-depth study by Mike Bickle. Learn More.


Leadership Trilogy

Increase your leadership capacity and earn credits towards a degree in Biblical Leadership through 3 dynamic teaching series’ by Dr. Melodye Hilton. Learn More.