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Our mission is to empower leaders for platforms of influence. Our purpose is to raise up and cultivate mature and valuable leaders to impact their world for good. Our environment is one that is conducive for personal growth and community advancement. We model, teach, train, and activate leadership principles in order to empower leaders and emerging leaders to not only achieve personal success, but to reproduce a leadership model that works.

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“Leadership is not about position or title but the desire to make a significant difference in the lives of others, systems, and cultures.”

– Dr. Melodye Hilton, Dean of Students


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Expand your education & influence by pursuing a degree in Biblical Leadership!

International Training Center is accredited through World Wide Accreditation Commission and offers degrees in Biblical Leadership on both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.


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ITC Intensives are fast track trainings designed to provide high-quality teaching, dynamic traing and powerful equipping tools in concentrated lengths of time.


June 6th, 2015








Consistently leading by example must be birthed from personal conviction and uncompromising values. What you do is a reflection of who you are!

Dr. Melodye Hilton

Become a Certified Behavioral Consultant

Earn college credits PLUS your certification in behavioral analysis with this in-depth study of personality, values, and team placement through The Institute of Motivational Living. Learn More.


Amazing, catapulting, transforming people and teaching. Grab the opportunity with both hands!

Machelle Joseph

If you are looking to fast track your leadership growth while obtaining valuable and timely skills that apply to any sphere of society, ITC is for you.

Philip Slawson

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